Prepay Systems

September 19


Drive pre-pay photo sales like never before!

The Prepay Systems sales platform allows for your studio to collect dollars sooner. Our advanced and fully customizable shopping cart will guide your customers through the process of package selection, poses, backgrounds, appointments and more all the while creating incredible up sell opportunities throughout.

– Image is everything. Completely and fully customizable with an endless array of configuration options ensuring cohesiveness with your online and print media.

– Up Sell your packages like never before! Increase your per customer averages with cleverly presented up sell opportunities through the customer experience. Our application is designed to help increase order overages and has shown consistent higher order average than traditional paper pre-pay forms and envelopes.

– Manage the flow of your customers onsite. PrePaySystems includes n optional flexible scheduling module. Manage appointment slots, capacity, time of day, overbooking and much more!

– Collect money on your terms and create new revenue PrePaySystems allows for fee collections in the form of convenience charges and/or flat fees

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