Business Head Shots for $20

December 13


Last time I was flying out of JAX (Jacksonville International Airport) I couldn’t help but notice we have  new competition in town for “Professional” head shots. Introducing IRIS – The World’s first Professional Photo Booth for business head shots.

Get Your $20 Headshot
Here’s how it works:

The New IRIS Photo booth is being promoted to create headshots for staff photo, ID badges, company websites, inter web applications and more. For more information, see the corporate sales deck here:

Corporate Sales Deck

Here's a few sample photos of what the customer can expect:

While I don’t think it will deliver the quality you would get from a professional headshot photographer. The question remains, is it good enough to fill the needs of the standard day to day business head shots required by most businesses? What are your thoughts?


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  • I don’t see this as more than anything different to the photo Booths found in malls. Glorified DMV photos. Heads shots are about the simplist thing a pro photographer can do. These are not same as environmental shoots if executives that take more thought and planning.

  • Wish I had thought of that first. Another application for this would be to have it be mobile and set up in a large office or medical center for a couple of days. They could have their head shots made on a time that is more convenient without having to comply with the photographer’s hours. Even at 2am in the morning.

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